Antonio banderas and catherine zeta jones dating

Harvey Levin, of the showbusiness website TMZ, explains: “Couples used to put up the wall of silence, but now the stuff gets out there anyway, so they are jumping into the fray early on.

If a party doesn’t look good at the end of the divorce, regardless of the financial settlement, they’ve failed.” If the marriage of Ms Zeta-Jones, 43, and her 68-year-old husband is really over, the hurt will be felt not only by the couple, but also by lovers of Hollywood fairy tales.

So far, so old-fashioned, but last week came a discordant modern development, with an announcement that they are “taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage”.

Soon afterwards, Michael was spotted, smiling broadly, in the South of France, having chugged over from Sardinia on a private yacht, while Catherine remained at the couple’s home in New York State.

Eva Longoria, left, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Melanie Griffith attend the 2014 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jane Fonda at the Dolby Theatre on Thursday in Hollywood.

(Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for AFI)The "Lolita" star was previously married to Steve Bauer and twice to actor Don Johnson and they have a daughter together, Dakota Johnson, the star of the upcoming "50 Shades of Grey" film adaptation.

But a mysterious explosion in the desert leads Zorro to believe that there's more to Armand than meets the eye, and our hero is intent on finding out what that is.

We’re not sure why exactly Banderas thought he needed a sword in his hand to appreciate a buxom naked actress, but we’re sure as hell not going to pry into it.The feeling among celebrity fortune-tellers is that they are headed for divorce, and that it is Michael who wants it most.Seasoned pro as he is, he realises that movie-star splits tend to feature a third party known as public opinion, and that even if you win in court, you can lose badly on Oprah.The actress petitioned for spousal support, child support and sole physical and joint legal custody for their daughter Stella, who turns 18 in September. The "Hawaii 5-0" guest star signed the petition on May 30 but did not list a date of separation.She is willing to pay her own legal fees and the couple is expected to divide up their property, which includes real estate in the U. Griffith, 56, and Banderas, 53, sparked their romance on the set of their 1995 film "Two Much." In 1999, Banderas helmed the film "Crazy in Alabama," which starred his wife.

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