Are charlize theron and stuart townsend dating

They are at least the third pair of long-term coupled celebs to split in recent months, and we’re wondering why, why must you make us sad, Susan and Tim, Charlize and Stuart … "I'm married," Stuart told People magazine in 2007."I didn't do a church wedding or anything, but we're married.We're husband and wife." Unmarried Partners To Get Government Benefits Both wore commitment rings, but Charlize was photographed without hers at the Hope for Haiti telethon Jan. Now British paper is reporting that a friend says their relationship had cooled recently, and they decided to break up."They had become more like brother and sister than lovers," the source said.A source says that "she won't go to an event with him [Ryan].

Same goes for Charlize who was rarely photographed with her ex of NINE years, Stuart Townsend.Self-proclaimed hipster Dylan (30) was speaking at the launch of RTE's new reality show, Exiles which follows a bunch of young people hoping to make it in Vancouver.While most of the cast, including Dylan, are delighted at the opportunity and exposure appearing in such a show brings, others were not so pleased.They were so close, they used to describe themselves as "husband and wife" and declared they didn't need a wedding ceremony to affirm their love."I'm married," Stuart previously said in an interview.

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