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He's funny, successful and we have two friends in common! But as I got more specific, the search bar got smarter.

It automatically changed 'single straight men in Manhattan' to 'single men interested in women in Manhattan'..with the added degree of separation, the dating pool got a lot larger.

So I went back to the first man to appear in my original search results.

'John' is an attractive thirty-something professional who lives in my current zip code, shares two mutual friends with me, and runs a company.

Later, we’ll talk more about this specialist and how the flashbacks isn’t consistently the best at finding a core theme to center their A-B-C plots around, but for tonight’s hour, “torture” seems to be the name of the game.

I may be recently married, but as someone who has spent several years writing about relationships I was dying to know if the new technology could help with a much more elusive query: 'Where are the single men in Manhattan?

You’ll remember that Oliver was going through a number of trials to join the Russian Brotherhood, the Bratva.

Well apparently his last test to pass was a simple question of loyalty.

Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled with Oliver’s inclusion, and a fellow member named Viktor takes his animosity so far as to hire goons to kill Oliver during the celebration.

However, it appears that Anatoly has been planning for this and has hired his own specialist to make sure Oliver stays alive so that they can take Viktor down another day.

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