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C- For the handles I would recommend you to just make plain reinforced ones with fabric and using rope for the inside because the handles are what carrie all the weight when you exchange purses.

But if you like this shape of handle I will describe how to make them, just add rope to the inside before you close it (that will reinforce it enough) D- after the handles are ready is time to add the loop side velcro to the inside part of the body piece. I sewed them in the center of the right side, on the front (the one that has 2) I sewed them at 7″ and 3 1/2″ from the right side, and for the back I sewed it at 7″ from the right side (notice that the first front and the back match) E- Now it’s time to sew the foam to the inside felt piece (because we like a clean outside) so pin it in the center, remember that you will be placing the foam on the wrong side of your inside piece, and in order to sew on top of the foam I used tissues that I pin on top of the foam, that way your feet will not get caught by the foam.

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For the left pocket I just added a 6″ wide piece to the side, and for the back pocket I use a leftover piece that fit perfect right after the velcro (about 7″ wide) H- Now we need to make a sandwich with our pieces to start closing up.I’ve been using the carrier for months now and it works great with the exception of some details I will describe so you can improve your own version (if you decide to make one for yourself) I have to say that I completely love my camera carrier, and changing purses is super easy!My carrier fits in all my purses, in some more tight than others, so when I need to carry more than just my camera I simply choose a bigger handbag, works beautifully!Browse girls, pick those giving you sexy vibes and start chatting.Enjoy either private or group chatting either eye-to-eye with a chosen girl or in a company of other members.

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    She stands around a 170 cm tall, which is 5 feet and 7 inches, not the greatest of height for a lady.