Nudist dating club

Most of these nudist clubs, groups, and resorts are affiliated with AANR, TNS or both, which means they adhere to the guidelines and standards of these organizations."Bed and breakfast" destinations and "Nonlanded" (without property) nudist clubs affiliated with AANR or TNS are also included in this list.According to IMDB, Educating Julie's been the only movie she's been involved in.Who knows...maybe she just got married and made a career change.I expected the same as you; but when I came across an old nudist article on the "Making of Educating Julie", it was quite the revelation.When Heritage Videos went out to seek a "nude leading lady", they initially looked at actresses..couldn't find any willing to act while nude.This is her actual quote from the article:"I saw the article in the newspaper about the problems Heritage were having finding a leading lady, and the part really appealed to me.I've no inhibitions whatsoever about acting without clothes, and in fact I've become a naturist myself."So she was actually an actress who liked being naked, and became a nudist as a result of filming the movie. I've never seen her name attached to any other movie.

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Apple Valley Friends of Deep Creek (group) 6221 Bowen Ranch Rd Apple Valley, CA 92308 Contact: The Bowen Ranch - TNS affiliated - Bakersfield South Valley Travel Club (Nonlanded) PO Box 81736 Bakersfield, CA 93380-1736 - AANR affiliated - Bridgeport Friends of Travertine (group) P. Box 282 Bridgeport, CA 93517 Contact: Michael & Sharon Mooney - TNS affiliated - Calabasas Southern California Naturist Assc.

(Nonlanded) PO Box 8366 Calabasas, CA 91372 818-225-2273 Email: [email protected] - AANR affiliated - Calistoga Meadowlark Country House 601 Petrified Forest Rd.

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