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We carry out a huge amount of work to reduce the levels of gang related violence in Southwark, and securing the first gang injunction in the UK is testament to the hard work of the team.I also hope that the allocation of a gang mentor will mean we can start to turn his life around and not see him back in court." Wayne Chance, borough commander for Southwark Police, said: "Southwark Borough will always make full use of the legislation available to us in order to deal with individuals who cause harm to our communities or pose a risk to the safety of the public.ESCONDIDO —— The injunctions that have clamped down on the activities of alleged gang members in two Escondido neighborhoods over the last four years need updating, police officials say.Escondido police said Monday they are considering adding more individuals to the injunctions, which currently list 42 alleged members of the Diablos and Westside gangs and restrict their conduct and appearance in what is considered the heart of each gang's territory.” EU consumer rules have contributed to improving consumer confidence: in 2016, nearly 6 in 10 consumers (58%) felt they are well protected when buying something online from another Member State, compared to only one in ten (10%) in 2003.

In 2011, Equustek Solutions, a small Canadian tech company, sued Datalink Technology Gateways, claiming that while acting as a distributor Datalink began to relabel products and pass them off as its own and then used confidential information and trade secrets to launch a competing product.Věra Jourová, EU Commissioner for Justice and Consumers said: "European consumers are amongst the best protected in the world.They benefit from strong consumer rights whether they buy in their own country or cross-border.The results show that while European consumers already benefit from strong consumer rights, there is room for improvement for instance when it comes to enforcing these rights or making them fit for the digital age.An update of the rules should also ensure more legal clarity for businesses operating cross-border.

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