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I'm looking for a man who wants a relationship and isn't just looking for a lover. I grew up in the hunter valley and went to boarding school in sydney from 11-16years old when I then left school and went to art school. I've written songs on my guitar and done gigs, I love singing and songwriting mainly inspired by when I'm lucky enough to be in love.

I love children's books, I collect them and I paint myself and studied illustration and love music.

Wouldnt it be amazing if I could find a relationship that gave me freedom but commitment.. supporting eachothers growth and enjoying each moment along the way.

I love to taste rain drops on my mouth, to feel the breeze on my face and spend a lot of time in nature.

Cant wait to meet you xx Love the USA and all the creativity and Greece - the islands, love travel, do a bit, but not a huge amount all country Pink Justin Timberlake maroon 5 Fleetwood mac led zepplin Prince Funk & soul and rock ..buckley Alicia keys Kate bush Steve nicks Joni Mitchell dolly Parton the black crowes ...rolling stones acdc Bon Scott.

alot...white palace, the crow -wicked prayer, vali Myers movies, all styles of movies I love, love Susan Sarandon, Stephen dorff, brad renfro, Edward furlong...jemery renner..cruise um and many more actors and movies!

I am looking for a conscious relationship so it is important that he/she understands that it is important for me that they can own their stuff, have some level of self awareness, be willing to accept the light and the dark within themselves. Looking for a somewhat spiritually aware person, not that I want to start labeling what is spiritual as separate from anything else as everything from 'man made' to the trees come from the same source, but it helps to describe something we understand in these terms. playfulness and being in the moment, these are essential for a happy healthy life. I am in a improvisation theater, I paint, I am writing.. Intelligent and witty I love the beautiful part of the country I live in. Yes, antics are amok as the two teen heroes are now dating, but nothing is ever simple.Not only do they have to deal with first dates, their friend's teasing, and Chloe's death glare TM at Marinette, they also have to deal with... Let's say that things are going to get pretty cat-astrophic and pretty Miraculous."Stop being nervous." Plagg threw from his place in the air as Adrien looked up. "It's just Marinette." "It's just Marinette." The boy repeated with a roll of his eyes. " He turned to the camera, drawing the brightest smile to his face."Uh, this is the girl ..." "Humans are so dramatic. Marinette smiled as well, but she cast glances at Adrien between flashes.

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