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Here's an ad that was scanned from a copy of the 1957 Los Angles Times: Specifically, there was "moonlite dancing aboard the Mark Twain riverboat," "indoor dancing at the Golden Horseshoe," and "Phil Gray and his Tomorrowland orchestra at the Space Bar." In addition to snuggling up during the rides and enjoying live music and dancing, there were door prizes, special events, and, of course, fireworks. The tickets cost .50 for admission for two people.Today, Disneyland tickets start at for one day per person. Plus, everyone dressed up — forget tennis shoes and fanny packs, we're talking heels and swing dresses.Yet cementing at a young age my tremendous love for breakfast food, the magical Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles proved to be my most vivid memory of Disney World.I still restlessly wish for their appearance every time I have brunch in my adult life. Many years later, I was dating a girl during college who had grown up in Southern California, and she desperately wanted to bring me to Disneyland when I visited Los Angeles.According to the Disney web site, our trip took us to “a place where storybook fantasy comes to life” full of “magical memories,” but sadly, I barely remember the trip.I vaguely remember me and my brother wearing ridiculous Donald Duck caps and an older kid trying to steal quarters from me at an arcade until my mom intervened, but I don’t remember the hotel at which we stayed, the rides we rode, or which Disney characters we met at our Character Breakfast.

Lead Pastor Rick Warren is known for his book The Purpose Driven Life and his teaching is fed to church members not just in California, but around the world.It looks like God had His hand on this community from the get-go.The first service ever held was on Easter Sunday in 1980, with 250 people packed into a high school theater.Nevertheless, I agreed, and we had a spectacular time.Most amusement parks seem to have one major goal — to use roller coasters to shake and propel guests as violently and quickly as possible. Instead of all that shaking and propelling, Disneyland focuses on story, mood, and overall experience.

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