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One of the first things students learn about Sam Houston State University is the motto: the measure of a life is its service.

The whole university--professors, students, and faculty alike--live up to this motto.

We are all excited to welcome our students back to school with a zeal and passion for learning.

At "Sam," our teachers spend countless hours studying best practices for learning and preparing thoughtful, rigorous lessons each day.

The only transportation in the early days was powered by horse, mule or oxen, and many trails in different parts of the state were originally paths formed by the repetitive use of settlers.

Stagecoach routes also helped establish more trails, and today’s highways are modern day versions of those same routes which connected the more populous areas of the state.

Pogue Construction will receive bids for bond-funded construction at Arlington ISD's Sam Houston High School until Wednesday, Nov. About this project The project consist of a 9th grade addition and a series of life-cycle and deficiency renovations at Sam Houston High School. Please check in at the main office upon arrival at the school. Please submit all bids to the following email address: [email protected]

Pre-bid site walk A pre-bid meeting will be held at Sam Houston High School at 2000 Sam Houston Dr., Arlington, TX, on Oct. Drawings and questions All bid packages, electronic drawings and specifications are available via login at i Sq Ft.

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