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At about 12 midnight, ‘Chair Lady’ will come in and collect the money, because she counts the condoms she gives to us.If you do not give her all the money, she will beat you mercilessly.' Chair Lady' and the men working for her normally search our rooms and our bodies at the close of each day to ensure we had not hidden any money and they will beat us if any money is found on us.But, March 23 was a.tragic day for late Olanimu Babatunde, as he died trying to live up to his billing as a man of high sexual prowess.The 29 -year- old died after a fivesome sex romp with four young ladies in his house on Thomas Street, Lagos Island.A foreign national has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly having sex with girls in the state and infecting them with HIV.The suspect reportedly indulges in the act deliberately.

Her case has become so serious that she had to be referred to an NGO, Community Health Support and Empowerment Initiative, COHSAEI, which has taken up the challenge to rehabilitate her.She said with time he started having real sex with her.She said when the man that initiated her into it moved out of their area, she resorted to meeting other men in the area without her aunt knowing.When we came to Calabar, ' Chair Lady' collected our phones and did not allow any of them to step outside the brothel for fear that we might run away.When Angela and Charity attempted to escape, they were beaten to a state of unconsciousness by ' Chair Lady' and some of her male friends."On my part, I was walking in our market in Okun Local Government Area when she greeted me and touched me on the shoulder and that was how I followed her and we entered a vehicle to Enugu to the house of a juju man, who prepared a medicine (concoction) for us to drink, which she said was to protect us from sickness, but when we got to Calabar, she said if we run away, the medicine the man gave us will make our private part to rot.”But Aliyu the ' Chair Lady', an indigene of Ebonyi State, said her arrest by the police due to jealousy from her colleagues, adding that she was not the one that brought the girls to Calabar.

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