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A lot of words have been written about the current political situation, and a lot has been said (those two don't always go hand-in-hand).

So I'll keep this brief (for me ...) and do my best not to simply re-hash old news and old views.

Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy.

The head of state is the sovereign, currently Queen Elizabeth II, and the head of government is the Prime Minister, currently Justin Trudeau.

Juginovic is a respected journalist who first met Mac Kay when she worked in Ottawa as a senior producer with CTV's political broadcasts.

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Can there possibly be anyone in the world who doesn’t have first-hand experience in this field — and the scars to prove it? The show that opens Thursday in the Citadel Club addresses the universal challenge of getting over getting dumped. One way — complicated if highly consoling — is to create a hit Canadian musical with your best friends, based on your own experiences and the experiences of, well, everyone you run into (and their relatives, friends, acquaintances, perfect strangers on the Metro).

The federal government consists of the House of Commons, the Senate, the Governor General, the Supreme Court and other lesser courts, and the usual assortment of bureaucrats, soldiers, and the like.

The Prime Minister is the head of the Canadian government for all intents and purposes; you must be chosen as your partys leader on top of being an elected representative, in a manner strikingly similar to the Speaker of the House in American politics.

Massive Change: The Future of Global Design, the exhibition curated by Bruce Mau, finished its run at the AGO today. And keep in mind that WIRED has been milking that pony for over a decade. Mau claims to have avoided the pitfall of politics and avoided looking at things from a Left vs. But he makes a far larger error -- and it sinks the whole thing -- by deciding to favour "optimism" over "negativity", as though those were the only choices. Implicitly positive but the show doesn't have the guts to come out and say it, so the context is kept intentionally vague.

It's as cheesy as the Alvin Toffler books on sale at the exhibit's junk shop and as shallow as the cheap, ugly plates. The exhibit confuses criticism with being negative and so you get Wal*Mart being served up as an example .... Every room (there are 11 theme areas) offers bold, optimistic declarations like "WE WILL DESIGN EVOLUTION." Is that even grammatically correct?

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