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A Gemini woman is one lady who was born sparking with both mental and physical energy like shock waves.With her child like heart, she loves fantasy, mind games, a light and fun lifestyle. She is quite sharp in her intellect and uses it to analyze situations and people around her.Adventure, change, being able to go when she wants to go, independence, these are traits she holds on to and not give up all too easily for anyone.For the Gemini woman relationship is another adventure of her life with no emotional dramas and restrictions.

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You could be sexy and great in bed, but unless you knows these tips on turning a guy on, there’s every chance that you’re missing out on a great opportunity to impress, seduce and turn a guy on at the same time!Gemini and Pisces are positive in pairing as both of them are flexible and intelligent people who are capable of meeting each other’s needs as long as love and tolerance are in place. When he is given his freedom, he is always a faithful lover and a loyal husband.But Gemini has a certain measure of inconsistency and changeability while Pisces relies on intuition, preferring to keep love on an emotional level. But when his freedom is oppressed, he feels restless, and begins to slip.There is a lot of romance to be had in the relationship of Gemini woman and Pisces man, as well as there is intellect and openness.Their discoveries throughout life help them flourish a subtle and calming relationship. Both are quite social and this brings a new bloom to their relationship, allowing it to thrive and strengthen.

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