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To me he looks more like Osamu Mukai than Kentaro Sakaguchi?

Although his side profile reminded me of Kentaro some times this guys acting is super.....

It takes a lot of effort to act with just the use of eyes and he did it well.

I have so much sympathy for him everytime he cry his eyes out.

Over the following centuries the power of the Emperor and the imperial court gradually declined and passed to the military clans and their armies of samurai warriors.

The Minamoto clan under Minamoto no Yoritomo emerged victorious from the Genpei War of 1180–85.

i have seen him in 'What happen to my family' and 'Cheese in the trap' , he broke the border of secondary male lead since his acting is so cool and make him more shine even than the protagonist.

I want to see him in more unique drama He is such a good actor, his melodramatic eyes and gaze can reach and leave an impact with you, and that's one asset not all actors can do.

Both begin to act like a couple in front of others and soon he begins to develop feelings for Momose, who is still in love with Miyazaki.

However, her life is turned upside down as she suddenly gets fired and struggles to find another job.

Then, she has an unexpected reunion with her first love from high school, Chiaki (Miura Shohei).

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