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Women must also face Islamists’ attempts to silence the relatively relaxed attitudes toward married sex in the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad that stress sexual pleasure for both husbands and wives.

Wedad Lootah, a marriage counselor in the family guidance department of Dubai Courts in the United Arab Emirates, and Heba Kotb, an Egyptian sex therapist, are proponents of such a message.

Every year, staff from the Snøhetta architecture and design agency assemble in Norway to climb the mountain after which the studio is named.

Part pilgrimage, part team-building exercise, part AGM, the trip is still an important ritual for Snøhetta co-founder Craig Dykers.

And yet there was Abdul-Jawad explaining how he hooks up with women by using the Bluetooth technology on his phone.Our minds demand it.” There are several stories that are attached to Snøhetta.It grew out of a group of likeminded architects who met above the Dovrehallen beer hall in Oslo.It was catapulted to prominence in 1989 when Craig Dykers and Kjetil Thorsen, the former in Los Angeles and the latter in Norway, won the commission for The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the much-heralded revival of the original Library of Alexandria in Egypt.When Dykers got the call he had just stepped out of the shower, and after receiving the life-changing news he ran out onto his front lawn naked in triumph.

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