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Also I was running a bit of a fever from a cold and mom was putting a cold wet cloth over my forehead to try to bring it down.As I looked up, all I could see was her in her lacy black bra and matching thongs.It was a lazy hot summer's day and there I was sitting on the sofa.I was sat in my pj bottoms on the sofa watching the television.- Jason Biggs If you like tall skinny long legged hot blondes who don't have an attitude and love what they do - this is the site for you.

In today's world where the sexuality being displayed is becoming increasingly disingenuous, the passion you display is very real and genuine and it shows. She loves to wear lingerie, heels and stockings and really gets into it - nothing fake here - she is also HOT and very pretty. She has a sense of humor and I get a kick out of the noises and expressions her husband or boy friend blurts out while he is giving it to her - oh,oh, uuuhhh he goes -especially when she is on fours which I think is her number one thing.

My mom always said how handsome I was which always put a smile on my 19 year old face. She is very pretty for a 40 year old who can still turn the heads of not only men but other women too.

My father had died 2 years ago of a heart attack right in the middle of fucking his secretary. We moved last year from the big city into the countryside to get away from all the hustle and bustle to the peace and quiet.

All of a sudden I saw a movement from the corner of my eye.

When I turned my head around there was mom standing there in just her bra and panties. The house was like a sauna, hence the lack of clothes being worn.

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