Dating rifles

BARREL DATE CODE - stamped exposed on LH top rear of barrel after 1920 the following will only be stamped where applicable #2 Part order barrel (not originally assembled to firearm) #3 Service section received #4 Return as received #5 Employee sale R. Then if the gun is ever subsequently returned to a warranty center or the factory by ANYONE, they will refuse to work on it as an unsafe firearm.

REMINGTON MANUFACTURING DATE CODE stamped on LH top rear of barrel, 2 or 3 digit, (month first, year after) these will normally only be the last letters as seen below, The factory says all barrels are date code stamped, well I have found some that are not, or if they are, are so erratic stamping that trying to decipher them is impossible. Both were taken off Remington 760s, with the one on the left, a 30-06 that I bought new October 10, 1954. The one on the right again a 30-06, but with a shorter barrel that I made into a knock around quad rifle with pivot mounts.

At one point I had my casual load time down to around 20 seconds.

I understand why one might want to pursue shooting as a hobby.

One needs to be sure that the barrel is original to the gun before trusting the Barrel Code listing, above.

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The next major advance, the wheel lock, generates a spark mechanically.They planned on using just the serial numbers to tell when the gun was manufactured.So there was a 2 year gap in rifle date coded barrels and the normal consumer, or gunsmith would have to contact the factory for this information.The following letters correspond to the months of the year, for example B=January, L= February and so on: Using barrel codes (such as those listed above) to date the manufacture are reliable on Remington rifles, as the company rarely changed barrels on a customer’s rifle.Using these barrel codes to date a shotgun is somewhat unreliable, as shotgun barrels are often interchanged at random.

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