Updating hp pavillion a735w drivers

I am trying to play Halo - Combat Evolved but when I start the game I get " We are sorry, but youre computers video hardware is below the recommended minimum spec for this game.

If you wish to upgrade please contact youre computer manufacturer for any necessary assistance.

Machine info: 2100MHz, 448Mb, 64MB VIA KM400 (0x7205) " but the minimum specs for the game are: 128Mb Ram, 733MHz Processor, 32MB/3D T&L capable video card.

Hi, a 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.

All we need now is a decent description (both codename and brand/model) on these pages.

updating hp pavillion a735w drivers-5

I bought the computer at wal-mart it is a HP Pavilion a735w 2.1Ghz with 512Mb RAM Running Windows XP Home w/ SP2.HP is number 1 globally in the inkjet, all-in-one and singlefunction printers, mono and color laser printers, large-format printing, scanners, print servers and ink and laser supplies.--VIA - Networking - VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter --Driver update for Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem I have these two as optional custom updates through microsoft but cant figure out for the life of me if i need them or what?I have been on this quest to find a version that would work on the laptop/notebook.The google chrome/ubuntu combo dvd did not boot right.

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