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Diane Cowen has worked at the Houston Chronicle since 2000 and currently is editor of its Belief and Flavor sections.

I have been bisexual my whole life and have almost always had a girl in my life as well as my husband. First off I am a country girl and have been my whole life. I read a lot either off the internet, kindle or good ole fashion books.

Differences in behavior, particularly aggression and territoriality, and in related morphological traits (body size, body mass, color signals) are the focus of work in the Hews lab.

Interactions and trade-offs between sexually-selected signaling traits and other physiological systems, including immunocompetence and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, are studied.

Sexual dimorphism is ancestral for Sceloporus so this white abdomen represents a male loss of a secondary sexual trait.

© 2001 by David Sanders A major area of research in Dr.

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